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Bludging / a bludger

English Meaning 1

(vb) > to bludge - to avoid work / to try not to work

English Example 1

“Stop bludging and get on with it, I need this finished today”
(Learn English tip: ‘get on with it’ means continue working)

English Meaning 2

(n) > a bludger - a person who tries not to work hard or well

English Example 2

“Come on you two bludgers, enough break, back to work”

English Meaning 3

(n) > a bludge - something very easy / a very easy job

English Example 3

“How’s work?”
“It’s a bludge at the moment cause the boss is away and the manager doesn’t care”
(usually used only when we speak English)


일안하고 얻어먹기/ 얻어먹기만 하는 게으름뱅이

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