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English Meaning 1

(negative) Insult, said in dislike of someone, usually of someone of middle to upper class acting in a way you don’t like

English Example 1

“Check out that BMW taking up 2 lanes, thinks he owns the road, wanker”
(Learn English tip: a pronoun is dropped here but still implied, can you guess where it should go?)

English Meaning 2

(Same as Meaning 1) (when we speak English, be careful of using this in public)

English Example 2

“Hey how’d the house inspection go?”
“Our landlord said we’re not dusting enough”
“Really? Geez he can be a wanker, picking on something as small as that!”

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi


ډیره پوچه خبره / لکه ډیردهوس

변변찮은 녀석 or 실없는 놈


पूरा बेवकूफ़ है

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