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Pretty . . . / Pretty good




English Meaning 1

Pretty good> quite good / not bad

English Example 1

“Aren’t you studying Chinese this year?”
“How’s it going?”
“Pretty good, I’m passing my tests easily so that’s good”

English Meaning 2

(same as Meaning 1)

English Example 2

“How’s your mum doing?”
“Pretty good actually, better than expected, she should be back to work this week.”
“That’s great!”

English Meaning 3

Pretty = fairly / quite. > (learn English tip - pretty + adjective EG. pretty tired, pretty hard, pretty big)

English Example 3

(3 separate examples of how to use ‘pretty +adjective when you speak English):
“I’m pretty tired after that painting, don’t think we need to go jogging today!”

“The test is pretty hard, but you’ll be ok”

“You should see our new house, it looks small, but it’s actually pretty big inside”

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