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I'm stuffed




English Meaning 1

I’m tired

English Example 1

“How was work, (are) you tired?”
“Yeah I’m stuffed”

English Meaning 2

I’m in trouble (when we speak English about trouble, problems)

English Example 2

“Did you study for the test today?”
“No! I forgot all about it! Oh man, I’m stuffed!”

(Learn English tip: Similar to ‘I’m stuffed’ is I’m buggered)

English Meaning 3

I’m full - can’t eat anymore food (learn English tip- only use I’m stuffed like this with friends or family)

English Example 3

“(Do) you want anymore dinner?”
“No thanks, I’m stuffed”

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi


شیمه نه ده پاتی

난 지쳤다(tired). 큰일났네(in trouble)

へとへと  2. 困った 3. おなかいっぱい

मैं तो गया काम से (थक गया, अब और नहीं)

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