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I reckon




English Meaning 1

I think / I believe (used when we speak English in casual conversation)

English Example 1

“I’m thinking more and more about having kids”
“You’d be a good mum”
“You reckon?”
“Yeah I reckon, you’d be really strict and bossy but that’s good”
“Yeah I don’t know” (dunno)
(Learn English tip: ‘dunno’ means ‘I don’t know’.  Another example of running words together into one is I’m gonna)

English Meaning 2

I agree (also when we speak English but used by itself as a full sentence)

English Example 2

“How nice is he!”
“I reckon! What a sweetie!”

English Meaning 3

(learn English tip - Australians can say ‘I reckon’ very fast so it’s good to get familiar with the sound of it)

English Example 3

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