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I can't help it




English Meaning 1

I can’t stop doing it / I have no control over it / It’s not my fault (when we speak English often as an excuse)

English Example 1

(while driving) “Careful! You know, you keep drifting over to the left! You’re gonna hit the curb!”
“I can’t help it, the car pulls that way”
(Learn English tip: curb is the side of the road where there is a gutter - a raised cement structure for water run-off.)

English Meaning 2

(same as Meaning 1)

English Example 2

“Stop dreaming about Ben, we have to finish this assignment”
“I can’t help it, he’s just so beautiful, I think I must be in love!”

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi

又不是我想这样/ 我没办法控制

زه هیڅ نه شم کولاې

어쩔수 없어 or 통제가 안돼


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