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English Meaning 1


English Example 1

“Oh man, I’m buggered!”
“What from?”
“Went to gym, first time in a month!” (When we learn English we learn to put in the pronouns, this would be ‘I went to gym…’)
“You’re gonna be sore tomorrow.”
“I know”

English Meaning 2

In trouble

English Example 2

“So Don’s staying there longer than his Visa will allow?”
“Yup, thinks so” (when we speak English, we often say yup or yep or yeh for yes)
“Well if he gets caught, he’s buggered”
“I know”

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi

累死了 / 完蛋了

حوصله یی نشته

지쳤다 2.문제다, 큰일나다

へとへと 2. 困った

मुश्किल में पड़ गया

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