The order of most commonly used was deduced from the above mentioned research from subjects in one state of Australia only and is a guide only.  Frequency of expressions may fluctuate depending on the area and social group.

Translations into languages other than English are the true and legal translations as given by the Interpreting and Translating Centre of the Government of South Australia.  As the expressions are colloquial, the translations are a guide only.  Aus-E Phrase takes no responsibility for mis-interpretation of the expressions.

Aus-E Phrase is not a tool for learning the full English language but as a guide in learning colloquial expressions only and should be used in conjunction with other English learning if the customer is not a fluent English speaker.

Aus-E Phrase does not claim to be traditional Australian slang or expressions but rather a reflection of English expressions and slang being used in Australia today, regardless of origin.

The expressions featured are all taken from the research only and are not taken from any other source.  The English meanings and dialogues are all original texts and are not taken from any other source apart from the research and the creators’ own experiences.

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