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Learn English and Speak English in Australia - AusEphrase

Learn English and learn how to speak English in Australia! AusEphrase helps international students and migrants to understand Australians and to speak English in Australia.

Learn English online: Scroll down the two lists on the right to see the Top 50 Aussie Expressions. Click any English expression to see its detail, including audio or video, meanings, examples and translations. Listen to the Australian accents and try to speak English the way the Australians speak English, do the English exercises and become familiar with the common English expressions. It's a great way to learn English online.


Check out our Learn English Blog as we talk about all the issues, fun and work involved when you learn English and try to speak English in Australia. New at our Blog today - How to say I've had a busy week - Learn English

More information on how to learn English & speak English with AusEphrase:

For many migrants and international students, trying to listen to and understand Australians when they speak English is the most difficult aspect to learning English. This is partly because many Australians speak English very quickly and with a broad Australian accent. Of course, learning to speak English themselves can also be difficult for many migrants and international students.

For more information on how the AusEphrase website helps you to learn English, in particular by helping you to understand Australians when they speak English, as well as information on how and why AusEphrase was put together, go to Learn English with AusEphrase

Did we mention we have translations? Learn English online with translations in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Pashto and Hindi just to give a little extra help in understanding Australian English. 英文: 了解澳洲成语,并且练我们如何在澳大利亚说的英语

现代澳大利亚英语实用指南!ついに!生きたオーストラリア英語を理解できる!오늘 날의 호주 영어를 이해하는데 도움이 되는 최신 실제 가이드!

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