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Learn English with our new iPhone and iPad AusEphrase app!

AusEphrase - the best learning tool for Australian Expressions!

AusEphrase helps you to learn English that is spoken everyday in Australian towns and cities, by giving you the most current, frequently used expressions, phrasal verbs, idioms and colloquialisms used in Australia today!

Remember, formal English helps you survive, everyday English helps you thrive!  The best way to make friends and do well at work is to use the same casual language that they do.  Check out our FREE Top 50 Workplace Expressions in the bar on the right.

At this AusEphrase website, every expression has:

  • Audio and Video - so you can actually hear and see what it sounds like and how it might sound in conversation (with dialogue examples)
  • a User's Guide - is it too rude to use on the bus? An easy colour guide helps you to decide quickly
  • Dictionary Meanings - written in simple language by an ESL teacher

Plus a new expression is added every week for Free - check the Phrase of the Week regularly to keep learning!

You can also upgrade to Full Membership to get hundreds of Social and Business English expressions plus: 

  • Activities to help you check your learning when you're ready!
  • Videos to watch with more expressions to learn!
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1. Click on an australian expression from the list. You will see a page of information about that expression.

2. Listen to the australian expression

3. Read Meaning 1 and read Context 1. Listen and read Context 1.

4. Repeat for Meaning and Context 2 & 3 (if relevant).

5. Now listen to everything again and try to say it (use the pause button and the slow button as you need)

6. Repeat this for every australian expression on the list, after every group of 10 expressions, do the learning activity!

7. Watch a video, first without the transcript, then watch it again with the transcript and click on the expressions to check their meaning

8. Do the activities for the video

9. Check every week for newly added australian expressions - learn a new australian expression every week!


Danger | May be offensive

Attention | Use with Care

Safe | General Conversation

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